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Hello! I'm Mabel.

I am a contemporary Chinese calligrapher based in Hong Kong, specialising in regular (楷), clerical (隸) and running (行)fonts!


I have been using calligraphy as a part of my meditation practice for over a decade, and as a medium to express my personal beliefs and feelings towards life. Through the movement and flow of Chinese characters, I hope to help you find positivity, calmness, and embrace the art of slow living in our hectic world.


Original, Custom-made Chinese Calligraphy Artwork

Every piece of artwork you buy is one-of-a-kind, custom created just for you. Written on the fine rice paper, with a selection of wooden frames

Corporate Events

Add a touch of organic elegance to your special occasion


Corporate Workshops

Tailor-made calligraphy workshops for your special event. Workshops can be instructed in English & Chinese.



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"Mabel has been very responsible and committed throughout our collaboration of wine bottle engraving. She also proposed innovative ideas which are highly-sought after by our clients. Her artwork is of outstanding quality and inimitable style."

- Jack W. - Founder of Lyndhurst Wine

"Mabel is not only here to write, but also to understand the person who is receiving her artwork. No matter it's the words, the style of writing, or the frame used, she spends time to discuss the details and found the best fit for me. Her calligraphy is absolutely stunning and always able to give me a moment of peace whenever I look at it. She's so nice to collaborate with and committed to deliver the best quality within time. "

- Tammy C. - Customer

Follow along my calligraphy journey @mabellaucalligraphy on Instagram and receive exclusive offerings!

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