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Enrolment is now closed for online workshop - Jul 2021 session!

Enrolment opens quarterly as we want to give each batch of students enough focus. Drop your email with me to get notified when course opens again.

Chinese Calligraphy Beginners Workshop 

Have you always wanted to try Chinese Calligraphy but just don’t know where and how to start?

Do you want to create your own Chinese Calligraphy artwork but can barely read Chinese?

Are you a western calligrapher hoping to pick up a new calligraphy skill?

Always wanted to learn from me but aren’t able to attend our in-person workshops here in Hong Kong?

If that sounds like you, this online workshop is for you!


This course consists of 2 sessions, each 90 mins long, that takes you through the basics of the Regular Script in Chinese Calligraphy.

Tailored to beginners who wish to explore the art of Chinese Calligraphy, this course is designed to provide you with tips and tricks that will help you become more confident in your writing! Since it's an online workshop, you'll also be able to do it in the comfort of your own home.

What You'll Learn:

Week 1:


- Features of the Regular Font & Terminology

- Setting up your tools

- Posture & Brush Handling

- Breakdown of the Basic Strokes.


Week 2:


- Analysing the structure of characters

- Basic Rules of Chinese Calligraphy

- Q&A session.


Workshop Details:

Dates: 4 July (1st Session) and 11 July (2nd Session)


Time: 5pm - 6:30pm HKT (Please convert to your own timezone)

Language: Workshop will be taught in English

Location: Zoom (Link will be sent a week before the workshop)

Price: US$239

Materials: Tools are not included in the package. You will receive an email with the exact tools you need and places where you can purchase them. If you are in HK, you can contact me ( for a tool kit.

Here's What Students Have To Say:

“When I first decided to learn Chinese calligraphy, I worried that I wouldn’t really understand how since I don’t know how to write Chinese. Mabel reassured me and made it fun during our virtual workshop. Her explanation and breakdown of each stroke and her techniques helped me better understand the art of Chinese calligraphy. She also offered tips on how to make each character more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I was able to get over my initial fear and now know a new skill! If you have ever wanted to learn Chinese calligraphy, I highly suggest this workshop with Mabel.”


- Irene, @rintzyleedesigns

"Mabel's without a doubt a dedicated instructor who will go the extra mile for her students. The workshop is arranged in a systematic manner, so I was able to understand the otherwise complicated topic of Chinese Calligraphy. I'd definitely recommend Mabel if you're looking to learn from someone who has your interest at heart!"


- Joyce, @artsynibs

I am an English calligrapher and I do art works in both English and Hindi . I came across Mabel’s Chinese calligraphy workshop I had to join in. The course was excellent with easy to understand instructions. All stokes and pen holds finely demonstrated ,simplifying  the process for easy learning. I was a bit worried of getting the stokes wrong but Mabel was patient with all students and answered all questions. My final piece was worthy of a frame and I am glad I took this class

I Highly recommend Mabel ‘s workshops.

- Lavihimanshu, @myinkyjournal

I started calligraphy as a hobby in 2020 and booked onto an online Chinese brush lettering workshop with Mabel in April 2021. I was quite new to calligraphy and also it was my first time participating in a workshop over zoom but I found the 2 hour lesson so enjoyable. Mabel was excellent at breaking down the techniques of Chinese calligraphy to make it understandable and easy to learn whilst also educating the participants on the right equipment to use. Getting the strokes just right was particularly tricky for me but within the 2 hours I was able to practise the techniques and feel more confident by the end of the lesson. I especially loved that Mabel spent some one to one time with each student, teaching them how to write their own name in Chinese which was a memorable moment for me. I would highly recommend Mabel’s workshops to anyone who has an interest in Chinese calligraphy.

- Shireen, @_cherie_bebe_

  • I don't understand Chinese, can I still join the workshop?"
    Absolutely! This workshop will be taught in English, and all the learning concepts will be tailored for English-speaking beginners to make it easier to understand. Of course, if you understand Chinese, you're also welcome to join and it will probably be more intuitive for you too, but the teaching materials will mainly be in English.
  • I am not in Hong Kong. Can I still join the workshop?
    Absolutely! Although I would highly encourage you to join me live since you will have the opportunity to ask me questions right away. I've specifically chose a time in which students in Asia, UK, France etc would also be able to attend. But if you really can't join the LIVE, no worries- you will have access to the replay for a whole month after the session, so you can learn anytime you want!
  • I am a total beginner, will this workshop be too advanced for me?"
    Absolutely not! This workshop is designed for you! I've specifically designed this to be a 2-part workshop so that I can work with you at a slower pace, and give you ample time to get the foundations down first (so important!). I have helped many beginners all over the world get started on their Chinese Calligraphy journey, and some even don't understand Chinese at all. You're in good hands!
  • Can I get personal feedback from you?
    Of course! In fact, I would highly encourage you to send me your calligraphy practices after session 1, so I can give you suggestions and support on how to improve your calligraphy before we move on to the 2nd session.
  • Are materials provided in this course?
    No, they are not. But you will receive an email after your purchase with all the information on the materials you'll need for this workshop!
  • Can I learn at my own pace?
    If you join me LIVE, we will move at a pace that is comfortable for everyone in the workshop session. But if you ever feel you need to revisit some of the concepts for practice, you will have a whole month access to the replay! So you can relearn at the pace that works best for you.


Hello! I'm Mabel.

I am a contemporary Chinese calligrapher based in Hong Kong, specialising in regular (楷), clerical (隸) and running (行)fonts!


I have been using calligraphy as a part of my meditation practice for over a decade, and as a medium to express my personal beliefs and feelings towards life. 

To me, Chinese calligraphy is more than simply applying brush strokes on paper. It’s a way for the calligrapher to express their current state of mind. The rhythm, movement and flow is accessible to anyone who views the artwork, not only to those who can read Chinese characters. And through this, I hope to help you find positivity, calmness, and embrace the art of slow living in our hectic world.

Ready to learn? Drop your email here to get notified when course opens again!

Thanks for submitting!

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