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About Me

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Hi! I'm Mabel.

I am a contemporary Chinese calligrapher, specialising in regular (楷), clerical (隸) and running (行)fonts.

I am a westernised girl anchored in traditional Chinese values. I grew up studying at English-speaking international schools in Hong Kong, but I've always been fascinated by oriental artwork. I began learning Chinese calligraphy and painting in 2000. 

In recent years, I’ve been using calligraphy as a part of my meditation practice. Calligraphy requires immense concentration — each stroke has to be extremely precise, and the spacing between the characters being uniform and measured. As an over-thinker, calligraphy is a way for me to relax my hyperactive mind and keep calm in a noisy world. 

To me, Chinese calligraphy is more than simply applying brush strokes on paper. It’s a way for the calligrapher to express their current state of mind. The rhythm, movement and flow is accessible to anyone who views the artwork, not only to those who can read Chinese characters!


Hong Kong Top 30 - Wah Man Calligraphy Competition 2018 - HKCAA

Hong Kong Top 12 - CSL Calligraphy 2018 

Media Features

商業電台 Commercial Radio 2 Feature - July 31, 2020 

Source: 商業電台叱咤 903

大氣樹窿 Speech of Freedom
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